Standard Process

Nurturing Lives Through Holistic Nutrition

Discover the essence of holistic well-being with Standard Process, a family-owned nutritional supplement company with over 90 years of commitment to changing lives. Rooted in the vision of Dr. Royal Lee, Standard Process is a beacon of whole food philosophy, dedicated to providing nutrients as they exist in nature – in a whole food state for optimal potency and efficacy.


Standard Process Stands Out For Multiple Reasons

  • Holistic Synergy in Everything They Do: From cultivating nutrient-dense soil on their certified organic farm to formulating products at the Nutrition Innovation Center. Standard Process wholly embraces a holistic approach. I’ve personally witnessed how they ensure purity, safety, and consistency through all their products. I got to go the farm and the factory to see behind the scenes. One of the best experiences I’ve had!
  • Passion and Family Run Deep: One of my favorite things about the company is that it’s a multi-generational, family-owned company. Their relationships and the community the company built extends to employees, health care practitioners, patients, and their families, including beloved pets.
  • Good Health Comes from Good Nutrition: Dr. Royal Lee’s insight into the negative impact of the Standard American Diet laid the foundation for Standard Process in the 1920s! He believed in the transformative power of good nutrition from whole foods. Standard Process has dedicated itself to putting vitality into every bottle, understanding that good health begins with good nutrition.


Veterinary Supplements Designed with Pet Parents in Mind

Standard Process extends its commitment to high-quality nutritional support for dogs, cats, and horses. They made specific veterinary supplements mirror the same purity, safety, and quality standards applied to their human supplements.

Explore the holistic synergy of Standard Process – where nutrition meets transformation, and lives are nurtured from the inside out.