Affiliate Products

Standard Process

Discover the essence of holistic well-being with Standard Process, a family-owned nutritional supplement company with over 90 years of commitment to changing lives. Rooted in the vision of Dr. Royal Lee, Standard Process is a beacon of whole food philosophy, dedicated to providing nutrients as they exist in nature – in a whole food state for optimal potency and efficacy.

Standard Process


Real Mushrooms

Mushrooms are nature’s nutritional powerhouses, offering a spectrum of bioactive compounds that support immune function, cognitive health, and overall vitality in pets. The challenge, however, lies in sourcing high-quality mushroom supplements that truly harness the magic of these fungi.


Chi Dog

Embark on a journey of holistic well-being for your furry companion with Chi Dog, the pioneering fresh food brand developed, operated, and owned by veterinarians. Founded by Dr. Susan Bohrer and Dr. Chris Berg, Chi Dog seamlessly integrates Western and Eastern Medicine, introducing a realm of integrative food therapy that transcends conventional dog diets.


DNA Vibe

In the realm of cutting-edge wellness technology, DNA Vibe’s Jazz Band stands out as a beacon of intelligent healing. Crafted with a meticulous understanding of science and precision, the Jazz Band operates at remarkably low intensity, redefining the landscape of therapeutic light devices.